Have you or your loved one been injured through the use of a defective product? You may be eligible to receive compensation based on product liability. Product liability cases come into play in cases where the short or long-term use of a product has led to harmful consequences. However, not every product liability case is substantial. This is because the types of product defects seen in these liability cases vary widely. Nonetheless, you can consult with any of our product liability attorneys to find out if you have a strong case. Often, the general categories of defects in these cases are unsafe manufacturing processes, design, and product marketing.

Based on state laws and general practice, product liability claims are broadly categorized into three categories: strict liability, negligence, and breach of warranty. Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Howard Rubinstein are experienced and knowledgeable in all these areas. We will be your aggressive legal representation and mediation as the need arises. One of the major differences between a successful and an un-successful product liability case is usually ignorance about the available legal options and procedures guiding the process. Due to this, we offer concise, explanatory, and exhaustive information packets for our clients, so you work with us to formulate the best strategy of approach.

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